Technical Writing 101

I am not an expert. I have ten years' experience, a degree in history, all but one course for a minor in computer science, and a love of the craft.

So why should you listen to me? You shouldn't.

But if you work through any of the TW "courses" below, I'd really like to hear from you about how they match with your experience and expertise. We're all growing and learning, and writing these posts is part of that process for me.

In the curriculum, we'll cover:

TW 100-level topics

TW 101 - What is Technical Writing?
TW 102 - Pole Stars of Technical Content
TW 103 - Kinds of Content
TW 104 - Illustrations, Videos, etc

TW 200-level topics

TW 201 - Getting Docs Written: Processes
TW 202 - Gathering and Culling Information
TW 203 - Organizing Content in a Topic
TW 204 - Producing Useful Content
TW 205 - Revising Your Own Work
TW 206 - Publishing Your Work
TW 207 - Organizing Topics in a Set

TW 300-level topics

TW 301 - Getting Experience When You Don't Have Any
TW 302 - Growing with the Industry
TW 303 - Career Paths

TW 400-level topics

Um, that part about not being an expert... I'm really not, so I haven't thought this far ahead yet, but when I do, I'll update this topic. Any ideas? :D